Making Your Own Corset

1A lot of people cringe at the idea of making your own corset when in fact it can be quite simple as when in the past corset tops were used worn and used like a bra. Of course, over the years the corset took on new forms and metamorphed into what you see today.  They are currently worn as sexy  attire for outdoor wear or for intimate wear. They come in many different sizes, colors and designs for your choosing.  You can see some examples of elegant corset design here at this online corset store.

Making your own corset isn’t as hard as you think. You will need the following in order to customize wand create your own very unique corset top.  You will need:

Scissors, Tape Measure,  Preferably material in 2 different colors and pattern, Satin ribbon and a few things of your choosing For example, lace, ribbon etc.

First off you will need to make sure sizing is very correct as this can be chaotic if done wrong so make sure you measure your panels properly.  Starting off with your bust make sure to measure using the tape and write down the correct numbers.  This will be the total for your chest size. You will then need to measure from your armpit to waistline accurately. Make sure at this point to leave an inch or two for your inseam as you do not want it to come out to short. Better to have room to work with.  You can always cut but you can’t add keep that in mind as you measure and cut your fabric.

Nine to Eleven inches is what you will In length for the front panel measurement. You can find out what the front panel would be once you know the side panel measurement simply by subtracting the width of the panel from your chest area.

When it comes to the sewing you will need to sew both panels together evenly and with precision. Make sure to straight stitch your left to the panel then your right to the panel. Do not forget to attach a panel to the front with the right measurements. This will prevent your seem from showing when you flip the two panels.

Next up you will need to hem for perfect all over edges. This will give you the finished product look.  Fold the hem line and iron to get perfect results and stitch at this point. Making sure you are sewing straight lines and stitching.

You can add this point use your grommets to finish off the corset and add either lace or ribbon for the front closure. Ribbon will tie harder and tighter than lace. Because you are designing this corset the world is your horizon feel free to add or glue whatever your heart desires. Feel free to experiment and discard the items should you feel the don’t work. This is your chance to create your perfect Corset. So if you were always afraid of the concept of making your own corset well you shouldn’t because it’s an easy few steps away and all you need is some dedication and time.

Saving on Grocery and Apparel Shopping

Grocery cartGrocery shopping is a major factor in our daily lives.  Especially for those in charge of purchasing and providing the home necessities. The biggest stress of grocery shopping is making sure you have the proper budget and meeting your family’s needs and requirements.  Here are a few ways in which you can help minimize stress when it comes to weekly Grocery shopping.   Find the best shopping method that works for you. For example are you the everyday shopper or the weekly shopper.  The everyday shopper will wind up costing you a lot of money in gas and in your items.  As opposed to weekly, which is better because you spend a set amount and one trip saves you from going back and forth. Make sure you set a budget as this will help you make proper judgments and calls.  Like as in buying something because it’s on sale mean while it may need to be thrown out in days as opposed to weeks.  This will end up costing you more money and it’s a true waste.

The best thing you can do while Grocery Shopping is to make a list which is very helpful, useful and in making sure you haven’t overlooked any items needed.

Here’s an example of a Grocery list:

Fruits, Meats, Dairy, Fish and Personal Hygiene.

This type of list will help you quickly find your items and cause you less stress.

I personally love Grocery as it is more of an adventure for me than a chore.  That also may be because I love cooking.  So finding new Veggies or sauces for dinner making always seems exciting.  I love making dinners at home but I do however enjoy dinners out as well. I love trying out new dishes at my favorite restaurants. Nothing like a great steak from Apple bees or a sizzling club wrap from Cheese cake factory.  For that special occasion I do like to go all out while saving so naturally I like to shop at discount online stores that would deliver straight to my home, my favorite spots for sexy lingerie are Orchid Dreams and Sexy Dresses to name a few. Have a look on the internet and you will find other great options.2

I like to find the best deals I can whether it’s grocery shopping, apparel or house hunting.  I think you can get a lot for your money with some dedication, patience and preparation.  Every little bit you save counts and will help you in your future endeavors.  So just do some proper planning when going grocery shopping, apparel shopping, appliance shopping or whatever your needs are.  There is always a place that will help you save. Feel free to experiment with places to shop to see what kinds of savings, deals and items you can get. For example, different groceries carry different stock and different stores online carry many categories of clothing.  So have fun, shop and save big.


The Power of Prayer

1A Prayer is the foundation of our soul.  It is what helps us stay true and be pure.  Become better people and even better believers.  It’s what shapes our lives and helps us become who we are, hopefully better and more kind to humanity.  Prayer helps heal our souls, mend our spirits and provide with the faith that shapes our lives. The Catholic Prayers Which are the most commonly used are the Our Father, Hail Mary, The Rosary and all the prayers said during Mass.

3The Rosary which is popular and has been around for centuries consists of 53 Hail Mary’s and Five Our Fathers and the Glory be to the Father prayer and as well as the apostles creed.  There are also different prayers that can be used for different devotions during the rosary.  The Hail Mary’s are divided into sets of ten as each decade is then preceded by Our Father.  The Rosary is more of mediation prayer and these prayers are read aloud as all present join in.  The rosary is a prayer said by Jesus to his Mother Mary, it’s a sign of devotion.

The Mass is a huge pinnacle and prayer of Catholic way of living and life. It is important and an obligation for Catholics to attend Church on Sundays and all important events.  Many churches even offer Mass during the weekdays which are also very helpful to many.

2I believe that Prayer is very useful and helpful in building a strong spiritual foundation. It helps make you feel better when you are feeling down.  It’s something you can turn to or should have in your life daily.  Not only when you need it but every day as a form of life.  Saying a Prayer at night will help ease you into a goodnights sleep and help you feel better consciously.  Saying my Our Father and Hail Mary before bed and in the morning starting since childhood has helped me become the person I am today.  I feel like I can only do well for the world and I owe this to Catholic Prayers.  I Thank God every day for all that he has given me and the world for he is truly wonderful and amazing.  For those interested, you should read the Bible or Watch the Jesus Christ movie which helps give you a great Understanding in how great Prayer can be and the great reasons behind it.  We Pray daily to Thank God every day for all that he has given us and for how he gave up his life for us.  We should never forget that no matter how hectic our lives can become. Cherish, love and be grateful for all that you have, your family, loved ones, your health.  It is also thanks to him God above and the simplest way we can do this is by simply saying a prayer.  An Our Father and Hail Mary said at bedtime or daytime can make a huge impact on your life.  Its salvation and the bread you need to fulfil your soul and life.  It will help protect you from evil that surrounds us.

Hurricane Emergency Planning

1As we all know Hurricanes are powerful and can be disastrous. They can be large in size or small. They generally bring high winds, massive amount of rain and flood many areas when hit. Tornado’s are smaller in size and cause less damage. The eye of the storm which is generally blue sky surrounded by strong winds is the center and where most torrential rain takes place.  Hurricanes can last up to days and move in huge volume and distance. They weaken before reaching land and they bring destruction in their wake once they touch down. Storm Surges cause serious damage due to flooding mostly and high winds which are brought in.  The lack of awareness is the main cause for hurricane disasters.

Therefore it is really important and imperative that families who live in areas that get hit by hurricanes a lot should be well prepared ahead of time. When given warning make sure to use common sense and begin emergency planning for your families and your safety. Here are ways in which you can prepare.

21)    Figure out the safe exists in your home and also in your neighborhood should you need to escape.

2)    A place to meet up or reunite with your family and loved ones

3)    Someone who can pick up your children in case you are unable to do so.  Someone you trust and preferably a family member.

4)    People you can call outside who are your safe ground or go to people when need to flee.

5)    All the health information such as medications etc.

6)    A place where your pets can be safely kept. Like in a cage or kennel sort of thing.

7)    Location of your extinguisher, water valve, flood drain etc.

Here are several ways in which during a hurricane which will be useful.  Stay calm and keep an out for the weather. Watch the weather forecasts.  Keep an emergency kit with you at all times in case it’s needed.  Stay away from water or the beach in case of tidal waves also stay in a safe place and avoid the eye of the storm as best as possible. Go to a safer place and make sure everything you need is with you.

Typhoon PatAfter the hurricane has passed, there are ways to prevent emergencies such as checking to make sure there are no damages to your home.  Make sure your home is safe for entry, for example collapsing etc. Remove debris and water to avoid contamination as this can be dangerous.  Have electrical and panels cleaned first before usage to avoid any dangers.  This is also your chance to make note of what you need to do next time to prevent what may have occurred.  Hurricanes are no joke and proper preparation will help in case of emergency.  Plan ahead especially when you live in a place that gets hit many times in the year. This will help ensure you and your loved ones are safe and proper care is provided when needed. Hurricanes are massive and dangerous be on the safe side and prevent whatever you can.